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Top 3 Winter destinations for Families Traveling in a RV

Updated: Mar 12

Winter can mean different things to different people, but if you are anything like me, you want to run away from the cold winter weather! Find the warm beaches and hot weather to celebrate your winter in a pleasant way. There are many destinations to choose from, that is why I put together a list for family friendly destinations to visit in your RV. This list can narrow down where you want to go and what things to do around the area. I choose specific areas that you can take your littles ones along and find things for the whole family to do. Now do your own research to find the perfect place to take your family and you will be off enjoying the winter in a different way.

1. Phoenix Arizona

Arizona has many different areas to stay in during the winter months. This state is extremely popular in the winter months for warm weather for out of staters, and for those that live there already, and get to enjoy cooler weather. We stayed in and around Phoenix area for several months and thought there was a lot of family friendly attractions to do, but not a whole lot of variety in where to park the RV. Regional parks around Phoenix are great outdoor experiences with the kids.

Where to stay in your RV:

Family Friendly Attractions:

Restaurants kids would love:

2. Tampa Florida

Florida is another huge winter destination for families and anyone for that matter. Florida has many attractions that are family friendly including Disney and Universal Studios among so many more attractions for all the family to enjoy. I choose Tampa more specifically because it feels more local than busy Orlando. The RV parks and Resorts are in between Tampa and Orlando. *Pro tip book as far out as possible, because these places do get booked very quickly because so many visitors are chasing the warm winter Florida sun. I like to use a planner to stay organized like this one.

Where to stay in your RV:

Attractions near the area:


3. Austin Texas

Lastly Austin Texas because I fell in love with this city when we visited. I felt so at home here and there are dozens of family friendly attractions, restaurants and RV parks to stay in. You get the city feel as well as the nature outdoorsy feel too.

Where to stay in a RV:

Family Friendly Attractions:


Thank you for stopping by, I hope this helps you plan your next winter vacation or getaway when the weather just gets too cold for you. I have provided links to all of these destinations to help you get more information where you need it. Also, I am not affiliated with any of these locations and only providing what I know and feel comfortable sharing. If you have any questions feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

As always travel long, travel happy!

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