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Simple Camping at Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Hello Beauties! Welcome back to my blog or if you are new here, thanks for visiting! If you are going through Oklahoma, check out Lake Eufaula State Park. Nice hideaway spot to go camping in your RV, tent or rent out one of their yurts. Summertime vibes all around this campground with so much to do on land and in the water. Keep reading to get some more info on this campground to help you get a better idea if this spot is somewhere you want to stay.

I would love to share with you my thoughts and opinions on this campground to give you a better idea of what to look forward to if you decide to visit. I am in no way affiliated with this park, just honest opinions after staying here. I strive to thoroughly capture as many details as I can, because I know it is a little unnerving picking out a campground when you don’t know the area very well. Since my family and I are full time RV’ers we need to book sites a lot. I hope to share information about its location, amenities, safety, cleanliness, cost, length of stay, and ease of access this campground provides. Always read Google reviews and look up their website too. I hope you enjoy, as always travel long, travel happy!

Lake Eufaula State Park is about 24 miles south of Tulsa OK surrounded by the lake. The town (Eufaula) is also about 9 miles from the state park, but there are a few different small towns around the park too, so you can grab groceries and gas from any nearby area. Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy Store is a family friendly quick place to get our bellies full and groceries to go. They have a variety of fresh dairy ice cream and frozen yogurt that comes straight from the farm. Delicious!

Once you arrive at the Park, there are two camping areas, one with modern sites at the Dogwood Campground. Each site provides water, sewer and electric. The second area is Deep Fork campground which is semi-modern, so it provides water and electric. If you want to tent camp, you have 93 sites to choose from. Lastly there are 3 yurts available to rent, I would love to try this out sometime!

The yurts provide heat/ac, bedding, microwave, mini fridge, electrical outlets, and a TV. Each yurt provides different views and bed situations to accommodate for more people. Check out their website here for more information about the yurts. While we were in our RV site, internet was pretty strong. We use our Verizon hotspot to watch a movie and did not have any interruptions. If you will be staying here and need to work, it might be a good idea to give them a call just to make sure the area can accommodate higher usage without interruptions.

During the reservation process each vehicle or guest vehicle will need a parking pass. The state park uses a contracted vendor called Premium Parking to register the vehicles. After you confirmed your reservation, you will get an email to register your vehicle. For guests visiting you, there are onsite pay machines to use. I wanted to point this important information out, because when we stayed, it was a little confusing. I did not realize I needed to register my vehicle before getting to the park, so I received many emails from Premium Parking. The point of having your vehicle registered is to provide proof you paid for your site and to avoid unnecessary fees. It also gives you the time to check in and out as well. I highly recommend finding a park ranger once you arrive to help you find your site. It was very confusing on where to go. There is no check in office, so you are on your own. We have two little kids, so it was crucial for us to find our site and get settled in for the night.

One item we use that is super important to setting up your camper are the levelers we use to make the inside of the trailer level. These are the ones we use that we hands down love! With flat sites like this one, we still use them to level and chock up the tires as well.

During our short stay, we felt safe here. The park ranger on site reassured us that they have rangers on staff driving around at all hours to check on vehicles, wildlife and if anyone needs any help. If you need emergency help, please call 911 to assist you. At the time of our stay, the campground was not very busy at all. It still was a little chilly at night in April. The campsites and park were clean as well. There was not much of a playground at the Dogwood campground, but my kids still enjoyed and loved playing tag and picking flowers in the open field. I was able to teach our dog how to go down the slide, and he loved it!

This is one reason I love state parks is the cost to stay here. The average cost to stay here in a RV is around $25 to $29/night but depending on the campsite. A great price for simple camping. The longest you can stay in the park is usually 15 nights, if you want to stay longer, I suggest calling the main office for more information. While the state park is huge, ease of access with your rig was fairly easy. Inside the two campgrounds does get a little tight, but there was no one around and the roads were clear, so it was not bad. We have a travel trailer that is 38ft long, so we are not small by any means. We camped at the Deep Fork Campground and those sites had pull through sites to make it much easier to park.

Overall, I would say camping here was a nice place to relax and enjoy nature. The reservation process needs a little work to make it easier for guests to fully understand what needs to be done in order to stay here. Otherwise, I would give this state park an 8/10 rating. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about Lake Eufaula State Park and get a better idea if this camping experience would be fun for you! As always, Travel long, Travel Happy!

Written by Shelby Long

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