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RV Travel Day Checklist

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

The best thing to do when it is travel day in your RV is to have a checklist. Stay organized! Having a visual checklist will help you to not forget what you need to do before driving away from your campsite. This is an example Travel day checklist that my family used while traveling the U.S. I have included a PDF. file of this checklist below or print your own empty checklist and write out what you need to do for your travel day. In the beginning of our travels, we did not have a checklist. We did what was in our head and we forgot so many things! We left our swing arm by the door sticking out while driving on the highway, we didn't clean up the RV and got toys stuck under our slide outs, and even forgot to check our mirrors and had difficulty seeing behind us in heavy traffic.

I encourage you to make a checklist for yourself and keep your travel days organized and stress free! I like having this list handy on my phone or print it out and put it in my travel planner like this one here.

Free pdf files below

RV Checklist
Download PDF • 359KB

Blank RV Checklist
Download PDF • 356KB

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