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Kid friendly activities to do in Carlsbad New Mexico

Updated: Mar 12

Welcome back to my blog or if you are new here, thank you for stopping by.

Are you thinking of taking a trip to New Mexico? Carlsbad NM is a wonderful place to take your family or friends. We took our RV out to the Carlsbad KOA holiday and although that campground is a wonderful fun place, we wanted to venture out on other adventure’s as well. Get ready to take some notes as I take you on a ride to Carlsbad New Mexico!

The first thing you should do is visit the Carlsbad Caverns. Enjoy taking the trails on your own into the Big room and see the wonders of the cave. Explore the visitors center, surface hike around the national park, but be prepared and bring the essentials for a long hike. Join the Bat Flight Program with a ranger that talks all about bats and be able to watch the bats exit the caverns, what an amazing sight to see!

The Sitting Bull Falls is another beautiful natural experience. With a small fee, you will be able to experience enchanting waterfalls for all to enjoy. We explored every nook and cranny with our two little ones for hours. Be cautious in taking your furry friends, we took our German shepherd and it was not easy for him to walk around all the big rocks. Not to mention he wanted to jump into the water the entire time. Bring a sack lunch and picnic by the falls. I would highly recommend bringing a hydration backpack to be able to stay hydrated without always holding a water bottle while climbing and exploring the area. It is also a great spot for a photoshoot too.

The Lake Carlsbad beach park is another place to play and picnic. Along with boating, fishing, swim beach and a playground. A super fun place for the kids or to relax and enjoy beautiful weather and scenery.

Along our trip in Carlsbad, we took a short trip to Roswell NM which is about an hour from the KOA. It is the best place to experience Aliens. Of course, being THE city where a UFO was supposedly found on a rancher’s land nearby. There is so much to discover about the secrets of extraterrestrials. Take a walk downtown to all of the local shops, and visit the international UFO museum and more.

Just a few activities we did on our trip to Carlsbad NM. I hope you enjoyed being here and as always, have a wonderful adventure and travel safe.

If you want to learn more about the campground we stayed at in Carlsbad, NM check out my blog post here.

Till next time!

Written by Shelby Long

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