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The Best Family Friendly RV Camping at Usery Mountain Regional Park in Mesa, Arizona

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

sunset views at Usery Mountain Regional Park

The past 3 months of living full time in an RV in Arizona we have stayed at Usery 5 times! Are you thinking of taking a trip to Phoenix Arizona soon? Do you have kids? or Pets? Usery Regional Park is a fantastic option to take yourself or your family RV or tent camping for the weekend or for a longer stay. This campground is pet, family and big rig friendly! So friendly! Usery is located just outside of Mesa, AZ. Just a short 15 minutes from town and about 40 minutes from Phoenix. Including multiple grocery stores, a variety of restaurants, rv stores, propane stops and more. Go check out Nando's Mexican Café about 10 minutes from Usery. Their food is to die for, my favorite was the chicken nachos! At the very end of this blog, I will be giving Usery Regional Park a number rating of 1-10. I hope this will help you in your search for finding a fun place to explore and get the most out of your stay. Family Friendly RV Camping

Usery is a great spot to go explore surrounding cities and be out in nature when you come back to camp. Speaking of camp, Usery offers lots of trails throughout the park within walking distance from your campsite. They have varying difficulties on trails, so make sure you pick the one best for you. Check out the trails map and info on their website here.

walking trails at Usery Mountain Regional Park

Along with trails, Usery offers archery, biking, hiking, horseback riding, picnicking, stargazing and more! You will not get bored out here. We took the kids out on a few trails and to the park inside the campground. All very clean and fun! The campground is also Pet friendly! We have a German Shepherd and he loved the trails. I do have to warn you, there are SO many cactus and bushes that have very sharp spines along the trails and the sites. So please be careful with your furry friends paws and watch where they step. On multiple occasions we had to pull spikes out of our dogs paws. ouch! We also traveled here in the winter, so I am not familiar with the campground in the summer months. I would assume with pets to be careful with the pavement and burning your furry pets paws.

When you want to stay at Usery, making reservations is super easy online or by calling them. Their online website has been updated, so viewing campsites for dates is so much easier to view. I would recommend using a laptop or desktop to view the reservations calendar, it is a little hard to see everything on your phone. Now you are wondering what is the cost of staying here? It is much cheaper than an RV resort or campground within the city. It runs about $30 a night and you can stay a max of 14 nights. Check out their website here for more information or to start reserving your campsite!

After making your reservation and getting your campsite number you are provided with a 20/30/50 amp electricity box in your campsite and water hookup. Sewer dump is at the front of the campground entrance. When you head out it's easy to dump & go!

Trail view of campsite at Usery Mountain Regional Park

During your stay, Usery does not provide WIFI, so the internet connection is a hit or miss. I've noticed the closer we are to the entrance the better it gets. Don't quote me on it, but to be honest the campground is pretty much out in the middle of the desert so there won't be much service. We used our Verizon Hotspot which was slow at the campground, but it did work from time to time. I would not recommend staying here when you need to work, unless you already have a nice internet configuration setup in your RV or vehicle. Whenever we go into town, we download movies to our devices and watch it after dinner with no interruptions.

views of Usery Mountain Regional Park

This park is so beautiful though, I am actually really proud of the park hosts and those who take care of the campground within the park. It is sparkling clean, I have never seen any trash around camp. They have large dumpsters conveniently located around the campground and their public restrooms and showers are always clean. I am most impressed that the park hosts rack the gravel in beautiful patterns on each site after someone leaves. One thing they do not offer in the campground is laundry facilities, but there are a variety of laundry mats in Mesa, not to far away.

The atmosphere is quiet, chill and friendly. I feel so happy there because everyone is just enjoying themselves. It is peaceful seeing wildlife living among you. We have heard coyotes, seen packs of birds chilling in our campsite and hawks watching over us throughout our stay.

birds and cactus at Usery Mountain Regional Park

I like the paved, clean roads throughout the campground, it is much easier to maneuver our large trailer around. We have a 37ft travel trailer for reference. It is a two lane road so there is enough space to pass oncoming traffic. Also we have so much more room to back into a site which is super important to us. I hate feeling cramped when backing into a site, it's already hard enough. Lol I do have to mention too, they have pull through sites, which are even better! If you are new to RV'ing, a pull-through site brings so much ease and to parking your beast.

Safety is a huge part of making a decision whether to stay at a RV park or not, especially when I have littles tagging along. I feel very safe here, there are on duty hosts 24/7, they have a gate they close every night and if you stay past closing, Usery gives you a passcode to open the gate during check in. So I don't feel obligated to rush back to camp when they close.

Usery Mountain Regional Park views inside camper

Out of everything I explained above; location, amenities, services, atmosphere, cost and safety I want to rate Usery Regional RV campground a rating of 7/10.

To be honest, the downsides that we experienced was not terrible by any means. The spikes we kept finding in our dogs paws was pretty serious, so we stayed on the trails marked and checked his paws after coming inside the RV every time. If we needed to work, the internet would have been a challenge for sure. Lastly, not having laundry facilities was no big deal to us personally, because we have a washer & dryer in our camper. Don't take these negatives over all the positives we experienced at Usery. It was a great place to stay! We as a family made some great memories walking the trails, pointing out all the cactus and wildlife around us. Our kids LOVED the park there. The playground was all nature-based, which I love! You can't beat the price either when it comes with all the nature and extra activities to do!

Thank you for reading, I hope you have found some information you were looking for about Usery Regional Park. It is a great spot to come visit for the weekend or vacation. Check out more RV park reviews on my website, and happy camping!

Travel Long and Travel Happy! 💕

campsite at Usery Mountain Regional Park

Written by Shelby Long

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