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Introduction to the Long family Campground Reviews

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Welcome to my blog beauties!

long family behind the blog

If you are new here thanks for visiting! The purpose of my blog is to share reviews on campgrounds we stay at, travel tips, RV updates and what it is like living full time on the road with kids. My name is Shelby, I am happily married to my husband David. We have two kids and 2 fur babies, our son Maxwell who will be 6 this year, our daughter Roxanne who is 3 and Stig our dog and Luna the cat. It is certainly a full house in our 37ft travel trailer. Which is an East to West 323Qb that has 3 slide outs, 1 bathroom, 1 king size bedroom and a bunk room with a door. The bunk door is a must have, if ya know what I mean. We bought it in August 2020 to start our travel journey.

campground reviews introductions

campground reviews full time living

By November we drove it straight to Arizona. I have family there, but we also wanted to escape the winter, so it was a win win. Of our four months living full time we have learned A LOT. How to back up a trailer, without ever doing it before. That was a little bit of a nightmare. Simply living in a small space, making new routines, dumping sewage, cooking with limited counterspace and so much more.

A little bit of a back story, we have been planning and thinking about living tiny a year prior to actually jumping the gun. We decided to purchase a used school bus and renovate it into a skoolie. We found one in Tennessee, bought it and started gutting it all out. Then the Covid Pandemic hit. As a lot of people were, we were scared. We didn’t know what was happening, so we decided to move back to Kansas. We had some family to attend to, so it worked out. We were living in North Carolina at the time, so we packed everything up and left.

school bus conversion

At the beginning of our marriage we have been jumping from rental to rental, due to the fact that buying a home is a scary decision. We are young and have had different jobs in different cities and never found a place to just call home. We have always been the adventurous couple, ready to get out and explore. Just restricted on finances and work. We were bored of how life was going and needed a big change. We didn’t want to restrict our life because of work and money. We also didn’t want to wait until retirement to be able to explore the world. We wanted to do it now.

family friendly campground reviewer

So, we planned and acted quickly. Now a year and a half later, we made it work. We are out on the road seeing so much more in four months than our entire life. We haven’t been happier about our major life change. We can do this; and you can do this too.

Please feel free to explore my blog page for your enjoyment, for more information about living small or finding a great camping spot for the weekend.

Happy travels my friends!

Written by Shelby Long

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