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Camping at Lake Pleasant Regional Park in Arizona Campground Review

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Camping at Lake Pleasant Regional Park, Arizona

Hello Readers!

water views at Lake Pleasant Regional Park

I took a trip to Lake Pleasant Regional Park in December 2020 and had a blast! I brought my husband, two kids, our dog and cat out with our travel trailer and explored Lake Pleasant. I bet this place is poppin in the summer months with boating and everything water related. It was still an amazing experience in the winter. We did see a few boats out on the water because at the time it was still in the high 60s. We even saw a swimmer out in the water with his ducky floaty.

campground Review

swimmer at  Lake Pleasant Regional Park

Lake Pleasant Regional Park is located in Morristown Arizona just outside Phoenix AZ. It is a bit farther from town about 30 minutes from the closest grocery store and restaurants. Within the park there is a restaurant called Dillon’s Bayou at Pleasant Harbor. It was a super fun eatery that is literally floating right on the lake! Great atmosphere, good food and service. You get to ride a shuttle cart all the way down the boardwalk to the restaurant which also has gift shops, kayak rentals, a giant slide and a beautiful view on the water. It’s like your own little island on the lake to enjoy. A nice place to bring your friends and family.

Restaurant at  Lake Pleasant Regional Park

More activities you can enjoy at Lake Pleasant are fishing, swimming, hiking, picnicking, wildlife viewing and the playground. The Discovery center is open for exploring too. We went to the playground a few times for the kids to get their energy out and explored the parks trails and mountain top views. We collected rocks at the shoreline and let our dog jump around in the water too. Our German shepherd loves the water, so he was prancing up and down and chasing the ducks in the water.

Dog swimming at  Lake Pleasant Regional Park

Back at the campground we had a back in site, it was long enough for our trailer, but it was pretty tight width wise with all three of our slide outs. There is a covered picnic table, which is close to the RV pad and that is what made it super tight. Looks like some people have hit it before. Yikes! We absolutely needed to use our back up camera to park in our site. Along with the picnic table, in our developed site they provide a water spigot and 20/30/50-amp electricity box.

A firepit with a grill on top for use too. Our kids loved hanging our hammock on the picnic table to chill. The ease of access to the sites was not bad, there are one-way streets and wider streets along the main roads. The dump station is near the entrance of the park, easy to dump and leave. When we were here, the dump station was a little troublesome for us, due to that fact that we would do laundry in our rig and fill up our tanks pretty fast. We have a sewer tote that hooks up to our truck, but it is 2 miles from our campsite. The hard part was we can only go 8mph with the tote hooked up to the hitch, so it took a long time to get to the dump station.

campsite views at  Lake Pleasant Regional Park

Lake Pleasant has different area’s for camping. There is a boat in camp, the Desert Tortoise campground and Roadrunner campground which has developed sites and semi-developed sites (Desert Tortoise). They also have group camp and day use sites all to reserve online or by calling them. When reserving your site, it costs $32 a night with a reservation fee of $8.00 with a maximum stay of 14 nights. Check out their website here for more information.

I know the internet is a pretty important part of our daily lives, so I wanted to include this in here. First of all, we use our Verizon Hotspots to connect to the internet, I know there are so many options to choose from, but this is what we can afford right now. We had about two to three bars throughout our stay. It was not fast by any means, but it worked for us. We usually download movies when we are in town with better coverage and then watch them later in the evening. For work, it might not be that reliable.

kids in hammock at  Lake Pleasant Regional Park

The atmosphere was very peaceful and quiet. Our site was on the corner, so we had a lot of space between the other sites. The kids got to run around more and play on the big rocks. We did not see very many kids around the park, there were a few at the playground but everyone gave each other space and left when it got to busy. The campground was very clean with dumpsters were close by. We always consider safety when picking a campground to stay at, and Lake Pleasant felt very safe to us while staying. They close the entrance at night. They do not have an automatic gate that locks, but they block the entrance with traffic cones. There are also camp hosts that are on duty 24/7 if you need any help during your stay.

Overall, we had a great time at Lake Pleasant Regional Park I want to rate it 7/10. If the shops and internet was more reliable it would be 10/10 for sure! We loved this campground, so much to do and see. The best part of our stay was exploring the lake and getting all that fresh air. I hope you enjoyed this post, check out more on my website if you are in search of taking your RV and family on a trip soon. Catch you later!

Travel Long and Travel Happy

donkeys at  Lake Pleasant Regional Park

Written by Shelby Long

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